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Our in-house gunsmiths do factory level repairs and renovations. We understand how valuable your firearms are to you with some having a significant sentimental value. We are gun owners ourselves with a passion to keep firearms in their best possible condition for shooting and hunting with them today with possibly of them becoming heirlooms tomorrow.

We start by inspecting your firearm using our expert knowledge of firearms to ensure safe mechanical operation. From there we check for improper assembly, missing parts, cracks (metal parts and stocks), bore obstructions and defects, headspace concerns, safety malfunctions, firing pin flaws and worn parts that can cause a firearm to fire unexpectantly. We will then notify you of our findings and discuss with you the costs of the repairs before we proceed. We do this while following proper gun safety handling procedures.

List of Gunsmithing services we offer…

• Disassemble your firearm, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble.
• Remove corrosion and touch-up finish (large pitted surfaces may still show, we will let you know prior to work if that is the case).
• Repair burred or damaged parts with files, stones & emory cloth.
• Replace defective parts with high quality aftermarket parts, (OEM) factory-made replacements, hand-fitting of part as necessary.
• After-market customizations (ie.):
      - sling-swivels
      - recoil-pads
      - iron-sights
      - scopes
      - grip caps
      - butt plates
• Repair and re-finish wooden parts.
• Deepen or clean up worn or damaged engravings & markings.
• Repair double-barrel assemblies.
• Measure & correct head-space dimensions.
• Check for excessive bore erosion.
• Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems.
• Test-fire guns to ensure proper operation.
• Fit same to existing receiver and barrel.
• Glass-bed actions to stocks to improve accuracy (coming soon).
• Remove existing metal finish, and re-blue metal parts or apply CeraKote finshes.
• Modify trigger-pull weight.
• Fire proof-loads through weapons to ensure sufficient strength of parts under over-load conditions.
• Replace worn barrels.