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Custom Gun Builds

Our in-house gunsmiths will build high-end rifles and pistols based your specifications. Whether you’re a professional target-shooter, avid sports shooter, avid hunter, or someone that wants a custom build to add to their collection. We guarantee that we will build you something you cannot find in a standard catalog of firearms, or one offered to the public by gun manufacturers.

An added benefit is that our CeraKote artists can design custom unique finishes for your build. Specifically to your personality or needs.

Custom Builds We Have Done

In memory of the greatest generation we are naming our builds after WWII bomber nose art

All of the builds shown below have been sold, if you are interested in a similar rife or just have questions contact us.

Strawberry Bitch


Little Buckaroo

Killer B


Target for Tonight


American Beauty


Zombie Killer

Lucky Strike


The Uninvited


Purple People Eater

Belle Wringer