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Our Licensed Cerakote Applicator TXLongbeard and Certified Gunsmith/Cerakote Applicator Jason have the expertise and design skillset you need and want to truly make your items unique. Scroll down for some examples of their work.

Cerakote is a polymer/ceramic compound that can be applied to many surfaces including metals, plastics, polymers even wood.

Cerakote is more durable than most other aftermarket finishes (sprayed, chemical, plated to name a few). Nickel, Hard Chrome are some of the most durable finishes you can use but have their limits as far as color choice, Cerakote offers an amazing selection of colors, stop on in we would be glad to show you their extensive color chart.

Cerakote is becoming very popular in the gun industry allowing owners to customize their gun to fit their personality while providing a strong shield against the elements by enhancing the physical components and improving the wear and tear over time.

Concerned about damaging your firearm?

If it is a modern gun Cerakote is a good finish to use, it’s durable and will help prevent corrosion.

Is Cerakote permanent?

Cerakote is a permanent application that cannot be reversed so easily but will endure a long time.

Does Cerakote peel, scratch, or chip?

Cerakote’s ceramic polymer based proprietary formulation offers industry-leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, impact strength, hardness, flexibility, heat, and chemical resistance.

Is Cerakote durable?

Absolutely. When used as a finish on firearms tests have shown it is more durable and corrosion proof than traditional bluing, Parkerizing, or other finishes.

Does Cerakote have to be baked?

It is recommended, but not required. For best results the metal parts are placed in an oven at 200-250 °F for approximately 30 minutes to evaporate any last minute moisture, oils or contaminates.

What's the difference between Cerakote and powder coat?

Powder Coating is a similar market product. Powder coating, must be applied at a minimum of 2/1000” (2 mil) while Cerakote requires around half that application (1 mil). Though powder coating is just 1 mil thicker than cerakote, we'd never comfortably prescribe a powder coat to any firearm

Does acetone remove Cerakote?

Acetone will not harm your fully cured Cerakote finish.

Customer Designs We Cerakoted

Interested in a custom Cerakote design on your firearm or just have questions contact us.